September 25, 2011

Letters to Juliet

 Letters to Juliet is a beautiful movie with a lot of heart. Set in the gorgeous Italian countryside, it makes every girl want to go to Italy and find Juliet's house. It is very romantic, and the story of Claire and Lorenzo is sweeter than the main love story, which is very sweet in and of itself. 
The real heart of the story is the relationships. Not just romantic attachment, but real people who care about each other. Claire loves Sophie and cares about her even though she has just met her. And Sophie has real concern for people, including Claire. One of my favorite scenes in the whole movie is when Claire comes in and brushes Sophie's hair. Sophie has just expressed that she grew up without a mother and Claire becomes sort of a mother figure to her.
Everything Charlie does he is doing for someone else. Even though he seems crusty, he really cares about people. He loves his grandmother and only wants to see her happy. He would rather the people around him be happy than himself.
I especially love the ice cream scene. Not only is is cute, but it shows that Charlie really cares. Victor never to the time to stop and listen to Sophie, let alone read what she's written. Charlie carefully reads every word.

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